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Early Childhood Development Fund

The Early Childhood Development Fund (formerly the Childcare Provider Fund) supports a wide variety of programs for young learners. The fund’s purpose is to enhance the quality of childcare programs and/or early childhood development programs.

Providers of all types of early childhood development programs may seek grant support for any activity that will build the quality of their program. The key to a successful grant proposal will be how grant seekers connect the activity for which they seek a grant to the enhancement of the quality of their program.

Examples of possible Early Childhood Development Fund grants:

  • Professional development opportunities for staff.
  • Education and training for board members.
  • Early childhood development education and information for parents.
  • Education and outreach to the community on the importance of early childhood learning.

Grants are less likely to be awarded for materials like children’s books, toys, manipulatives, furniture or building maintenance. 

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