Kelso and Margaret Davis were lifelong community supporters.

So in their memory, their daughters gave…

Kelso and Margaret Davis Community Fund.
What do you love? We can help you create a lasting charitable legacy.

Giving through the Community Foundation

We assist donors from all walks of life in providing permanent charitable support for the community.
Endowment fund donors create a charitable legacy that lives on forever.

Reasons to give


Leave a Legacy

Provide permanent support to the charities or charitable causes that you cared about and supported all your life.


Commemorate a friend’s special birthday or milestone anniversary by making a gift in her/his honor.


Establish a fund and name it in memory of your loved one. Or honor someone’s memory by making a gift to a fund that reflects her/his values or interests.

Cash is the simplest way to give and because of the charitable deduction you will receive the cost of giving a gift can be much less than the actual amount of the gift.

Please note this is donation information for the Community Foundation of DeKalb County in Indiana which is sometimes confused with community foundations in Illinois and Georgia that have similar names.

Give Online: Giving is just a click away when you make a gift online through our partner Network for Good. At this secure site, you’ll donate with your credit card and receive a receipt via your e-mail address. Your donation history will be stored at Network for Good’s website for you to access at any time. You will be given an option to defray the cost of the transaction but it is not required. Click on the “Donate Now” button below.

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Give by Check: Writing and mailing a check is an easy way to give. Let us know what you wish your gift to support by noting the project or fund name. If the gift is a memorial, let us know that too. Call us at (260) 925-0311 if you have any questions.

Make checks payable to: Community Foundation DeKalb County (or CFDC). Mail checks to: P.O. Box 111, Auburn, Indiana 46706.

Choosing a fund or creating your own

Current Fund

Direct a gift to a fund that is already established. Click on the buttons below to view a list of funds in each category.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds offer ongoing involvement with the fund. You and/or your family can make recommendations for grants to specific charities each year.

Designated Funds

You name a particular charity or charities that will benefit when you form a designated fund. Your fund provides regular grants that the organization(s) can count on forever.

Field of Interest Funds

With a field of interest fund, you can provide regular support to your favorite area of charitable interest without naming a specific charity. You choose the area you care about, and the Community Foundation awards grants from your fund to nonprofit organizations that address that field.

Administrative Funds

Your gift to the Community Foundation’s administrative fund helps the foundation do all its good work. We gather contributions from donors to create permanent funds that will grow and give back to the community.

Community Benefit Funds

A community benefit fund allows the Community Foundation’s board of directors to respond to the current and future needs of the charitable organizations that serve DeKalb County residents. You can create your own named unrestricted fund or contribute to the community foundation’s unrestricted funds. Income from unrestricted funds is returned to the community each and every year in the form of grants.

Create your Own Fund

We can help you identify the best way to establish an endowment fund to benefit the very things that make the community special to you – your church, the local library or museum, positive programs for youth or seniors, the arts. All you need is a desire to make your community a better place and financial assets to contribute now or in the future.

We make giving simple and effective. Create an endowment fund in these three easy steps:

  1. Choose a name for your fund.
  2. Select a purpose for the fund.
  3. Choose the best asset to give.

We will work with you and your attorney, accountant or financial advisor to help you determine the right time to make a gift and the right assets to give.

Other ways to give


Leaving a gift to the Community Foundation in your will lets you make a significant contribution to your favorite charity that might not be possible during your life. A gift in your will can establish a new fund or be added to an existing fund.

Life Insurance Beneficiary

You can name the Community Foundation of DeKalb County as the beneficiary of all, or a portion, of your life insurance policy. 

IRA Beneficiary

Your retirement fund is the most heavily taxed asset at death. Directing a portion of your IRA or other qualified retirement plan to charity may help your heirs realize substantial tax savings.

Appreciated Securities or Real Estate

Gifts of appreciated stock or real estate have the potential to generate a double tax benefit: You receive an income-tax deduction and you may escape potential capital gain tax.