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Our Granting Process

Proposals are first reviewed by community foundation’s staff members. If we have questions or need more information we will contact you.

Next the proposals are reviewed by a seven-member Grant Committee using our grant evaluation form. Committee members include community foundation board members and other volunteers with diverse areas of expertise. Committee members evaluate the proposal based on how your program/project serves the community and how closely it aligns with the foundation’s grant guidelines.

We may ask you to meet with one or two of our Grant Committee members. Committee members may be interested in touring your facility if a visit will help them learn about the program/project defined in your grant proposal.

Grant Committee members recommend grant awards to the community foundation’s Board of Directors who have final decision making responsibility.

All grant seekers are notified whether or not their proposal is funded. This process takes about two months so please plan accordingly. Questions? Contact us at (260) 925-0311 or

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